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Check out the projects carried out by the institution. At present, the Grupo Dispersores operates in three lines of action. Reforestation, Seedling Production and Environmental Education.

Projeto Olhos nos Olhos  

In this new phase of the project, we aim at recovering 157 hectares of the Atlantic Forest in springs by planting 130 thousand seedlings of native trees.


Viveiro Florestal  

The main goal of the Forest-Tree Nursery of the NGO Grupo Dispersores is to produce seedlings native to the Atlantic Forest region, to use them in activities to preserve nature. The seeds to be used in the production of seedlings are collected from seed trees found in the region, thus benefiting the maintenance of the genetic features of the forests created through them.


Viveiro Educacional Ecoaprendiz

The “EcoAprendiz Educational Nursery” (Viveiro Educacional EcoAprendiz) is a project carried out by the NGO Grupo Dispersores, and seeks to raise awareness and teach primary level students of the municipal and regional schools.

Other Projects already developed:


The “PROLixo Project” is the result of a conjoint action taken by the NGO Grupo Dispersores and the city hall, set out in July 21, 2006, aiming at reducing the quantity of waste placed in the town’s landfill by turning much of said waste into raw material to be reused.


Projeto Redes  

This project intends to work with relevant topics of interest for environmental conservation citywide. Through knowledge-exchange meetings and forums, the network of agents with influence in the environmental scenario of Brazópolis and its region will be strengthened.


Projeto Olhos nos Olhos II

The project strives for the conservation of water resources through the protection of springs in the micro-basin of Riberão Vargem Grande. More specifically, the initiative’s purpose is to revitalize 20 springs, to plant 20 thousand seedlings, to raise awareness among the town’s population about the importance of conservation of such resources, to disseminate the results through a booklet and to monitor and evaluate the output of its activities.

Projeto Olhos nos Olhos

The project “De Olho nos Olhos” aims at restoring and protecting the native vegetation of 10 springs in the watershed area of Ribeirão Vargem Grande, the main watercourse in the city of Brazópolis.

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