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The “EcoAprendiz Educational Nursery” is a permanent project carried out by the NGO Grupo Dispersores since 2011.

The project aims at stimulating education for sustainability, raising awareness and sensitizing students (children and teenagers) from primary and high school of the urban and rural schools of Brazópolis and nearby surrounding region.

Through extra-curricular activities connected with environmental education, the project teaches in a practical and playful way about the importance of the environment, the preservation, restoration and rational use of natural resources (water, mainly), also working with matters of urban solid waste, categorization of recyclable garbage and the reusing of recyclable materials.

The project also proposes to provide the students with new experiences through the environmental education experienced in practice.

Any school (municipal, state or private) may partake the activities of the project “EcoAprendiz Educational Nursery”.

The groups must have 20 to 25 students per visit, so as to guarantee the quality of learning, providing worthy knowledge to all students involved. The activities last approximately 60 minutes.

Bring your school and classroom and provide the students with a memorable day!

Be a transforming agent by participating with your class. Help make each student become more conscious and responsible for the environment they live in by being committed to preserving nature for the common good.

For further information and booking class visits, get in touch with Grupo Dispersores through the section “Contact”.

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