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The difficulties encountered regarding the approach and the rural producers’ awareness-raising necessary to implement proposals of protection and restoration of springs in Brazópolis indicate that an effort to spread information through a network of institutions is required. Through such network, we must consolidate the practice of experience-exchange and the systematization of information originated from several initiatives developed to facilitate approaching said producers.

It was noticed in the project “De Olho nos Olhos”(protection and restoration of springs of the watershed area of Ribeirão Vagem Grande) that before the execution of any proposal whose course of action is to reallot parts of the rural property, there must be a basic, consolidated understanding of the matter by the people who will be directly or indirectly influenced by them. This understanding tends to minimize these people’s susceptibility to several occurrences that may harm or fully eliminate the efforts made up to that point, preventing the loss of valuable supplies.

This proposal intends to work, through meetings and forums of knowledge exchange and proposal articulation, with the topics “conservation of PPAs and forest fostering” and “municipal environmental public policy”, in the network of agents with influence on the environmental scenario of Brazópolis and surrounding region, among which are the associations of rural producers, the municipal Department of Environment, EMATER, CODEMA, CEABRA, the NGO Valor Natural, and approximately 13 environmentalist NGOs of surrounding cities. In this project, the development and approval of an environmental legislation for Brazópolis will also be dealt with, and such legislation will be vastly divulged within the network of agents aforementioned, mainly among NGOs of the region, so that the accumulated knowledge is used in their cities while the legislation is developed.